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Business Establishment Service


It is often said that Indonesia is a perfect destination for global investors. Abundant natural resources, large quantity of technically trained work forces, large and growing domestic market, dem ocratic yet politically stable, and improving investment climate are just a few reasons to invest in Indonesia. 

As such, many said that to start doing business in Indonesia is not always an easy task. Cultural differences with local business community and employees, dealing with government officials, the complexity and continuous changes in laws and regulations, the restriction on foreign ownership in some sectors, infrastructures and business facilities  are some factors that are often attributed to the reasons of not many foreigners interested in investing in Indonesia. 

Our Business Advisory Services start from assisting companies both local and foreigners that intend to start a venture in Indonesia. We make every effort to make sure that when clients arrive in Indonesia, they are ready to start their business with legal entity, qualified persons, convenient work place and facilities, effective systems and procedures as well as right business partners, if necessary.


Our Business Establishment Services, among others, include:
  1. Company's establishment and registration to related authorities
  2. Change of company ownership to be a local company status to get price preferences in some sectors
  3. Investment permits and required licenses both from central and local government
  4. Finding plant location, including the right contractor to build or renovate the plant 
  5. Immigration and working permits for expatriates
  6. Secretarial services
  7. Employee recruitment and man power outsourcing
  8. Patent registration
  9. Expatriate accommodation
  10. Nominee shareholder and director services
  11. Tax and customs advisories
  12. Accounting services
  13. Finding of  the right local partner(s)
  14. Acquisition of local company
  15. Handling of Licenses/permits from various authorities (Ministry of Forestry, National Land Agency, etc)