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Customs Consultants

Strategic Customs Planning

Customs planning is a set of plans for companies involved in import and export activities. It is intended to enhance compliance level, maximize operational efficiency, reduce cost, minimize risk and uncertainty as well as to smooth the flow of goods cross-border with a final orientation on acceleration of your company ’ s growth in the long-term period.

Customs System Solution

It is a service of developing and improving your company system and procedure for Customs related activities in order to fulfill Customs regulatory reporting requirement and provide information needed by Customs Authority, particularly if your company has various customs facilities such as Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse, KITE etc.

Classifications of Goods

It is a service to review the correctness of classifications of your products before the import and export clearance. Classifications of Goods determine the duty rate or customs tariff for the imported goods.

Failure to declare the appropriate customs value and tariff, in the clearance process, may lead to the issuance of Revision Note by Customs officer that may result in costly penalties.

Customs Valuation Analysis

By this service we will analyze your import transaction to determine the appropriate customs value of your imported product, by considering all related adjustments to the invoice price prior to declaration.

Failure to declare the appropriate customs value, in the clearance process, may lead to the issuance of Revision Note by Customs officer that may result in costly penalties.

Customs Audit Assistance

This is a service to assist your company during customs audit process conducted by Customs Auditor, especially if your company receives such facilities as: Bonded Zone, Bonded Warehouse or KITE. This is intended to minimize unexpected/inappropriate audit exposure caused by mismanagement during audit process.

Customs Compliance Review

This is a service of assessing your company’s level of compliance by reviewing and analyzing all things related to Customs activities and taking prior-corrective action before it becomes customs audit findings.

It is intended to review your company’s internal control system, bookkeeping system and administration of imported goods under facility that have impact on Customs compliance by performing various substantive tests, identifying errors and mistakes that may become an exposure, providing recommendations for the improvement of the internal control system, as well as preparing corrective actions. This is intended to accommodate the customs need of information and ensure the customs compliance.

Customs Dispute Resolution

The service is to assist your company in the settlement process of Customs dispute such as objection against Revision Note issued by Customs Officer related to tariff and/or customs value being declared, appeal against Customs objection decision or against Customs Audit finding to the Tax Court or other special Customs Cases.

License Instruments Arrangement

This is a service to assist your company in the process of obtaining various licenses in the area of customs and trade issued either by Customs or other institutions. There are various licenses required before companies running their business activities with some facilities. Such licenses are Bonded Zone Facility, Bonded Warehouse Facility, KITE, BKPM Facility or other special licenses.

Customs Advisory

This is an ongoing consultation and advisory service on customs matters encountered by your company for a certain period. This is to provide your company with the best solutions for day-to-day customs problems or to update the latest Customs rules and regulations.